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The Full Story

About  Me

Welcome to my about page where I tell a little bit about myself and what the future holds for what I'll be doing. 

My Mission
Born in Wiesbaden Germany I came to America with my Mother  in 1965.   I was schooled in New Jersey in Pemberton Township and once graduated moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast where I've lived for the last 45 years.  
My love for cars started when I was 10
in the hay day of the musclecar era and I never looked back.   Its been a passion of mine and has never let up in life. 
If there's one thing I can say about life is follow your dreams and passions. 



My vision was to have the fastest RB Accent built.

Notoriety is not what I'm looking for but to show that this platform is a worthy blank slate for building a quality performance subcompact car. 

So far I have shown that the platform is quite capable.

My paintball journey speaks for itself and it shows with multiple podiums and bringing young players up through the ranks of paintball and better their outlook on life. 

My motorcycle love and passion also says that I'm not a mainstream builder but one that appreciates the ride and builds to my standards visually and performance wise too.

I hope you enjoy the progress of the blogs and posts so please join me in my journey.

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